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Student Testimonials

Good afternoon Miss Saulter. Is Michael Garcia. Just calling to let you know that I passed my exam first time go. There's no second going back and nothing crazy like that for me. I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity and opening my eyes to the world of real estate. The training that I got from you and your program was unprecedented. I really appreciate you taking the time to train me and as of now, I am working part time at Century 21. I hope to move into the industry full-time by the end of the year. But as for now I'm massaging one client. What do bad if you ask me. I mean by the looks of it there's a lot of people that kind of just jerk your chain but at least I found one. I hope all is well and I hope the training program is going great. I am trying to recommend as many people as I can over your way so that they too can bring business your way. Once again it's Michael Garcia and best of luck on all your endeavors.

Thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Charlotte's class.  Live classroom training was perfect as it fit in beautifully with my busy schedule & allowed me to work at my own pace.  Ms. Charlotte was very engaged & created a fun atmosphere.  Already recommended her school to other friends seeking a career change. -Brenny M

It was a great pleasure attending this school. At my age going back to school was scary and I was very nervous. But the teacher Ms Charlotte made the class interesting and fun. Ms Charlotte was relatable and approachable. She gave us the tools we need to help us succeed. It was a great learning experience.-Connie M

I took live classes with Charlotte. It was fun and easy. All you need to do is listen carefully. Anything she tells you in the class will help you on your test. She has good prep questions you can study online. Make sure you are getting at least %85 on that prep questions before you take real test.
All you need is sign up with her and study!
She is very busy person, but always answers questions within 30 min if you need to ask something.
It took me less than 5 months to get my license and I am ready to work right now.
I highly recommend this school.-Nil C

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