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Real Estate License Preparation

Real Estate License Preparation in California

Real estate license preparation is an absolute requirement to take the licensing examination in California. Prospective real estate agents can’t wing the examination and just hope they pass the test. The state mandates that any applicants for a California real estate license must complete at least 135 credits from pre-real estate license courses. CES Real Estate School offers the courses needed to obtain your California real estate license.


To apply for your California real estate license, a completed application is required. The application asks for details about the pre-real estate license courses done prior to the testing date. Along with the application, electronic fingerprinting is required by the state. Live Scan providers must be used to submit a copy of fingerprints along with a completed application. An application fee is also submitted for a real estate license.


For the education requirements to receive a California real estate license, pre-real estate license courses must include three key components. There are two main courses to qualify for the exam: Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Practices. California also provides a list of elective courses that are acceptable for the exam. Approved courses include escrows, real estate appraisal, real estate management, general accounting, business law, and real estate office administration. Another accepted course is Legal Aspects of Real Estate. This course is available through online delivery at CES Real Estate School. Any courses for licensing consideration must be college-level classes.


Age and residency requirements are also a part of applying for your California real estate license. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. In-state residents of California fill out a standard application. Out-of-state applicants must fill out a different application from the California Department of Real Estate. However, you don’t have to reside physically in California to apply for the state’s real estate license. Out-of-state residents can obtain a California real estate license as long as they pass the licensing exam and meet the educational prerequisites.


CES Real Estate School is a fully-accredited program that has both live and online real estate license preparation courses available. Our school has a high first-time pass rate for those who take the licensing exams in California. Program graduates can apply for their state licensing and start working immediately after their applications have been approved. California has a lucrative real estate market with a growing demand for licensed agents. After licensing, you may choose to apply for a position with a real estate agency or build your own business. After you have met initial licensing requirements, you should look into continuing education courses. To keep your California real estate license valid, you need to meet the state’s continuing education requirements and renew your license within the designated time frame. Contact CES Real Estate School to find out what type of continuing education classes they have available online.

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