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Online Real Estate School

Online Real Estate School for Licensing Preparation

All online real estate schools are not created equal. Most importantly, prospective students must perform due diligence before enrolling in any online real estate school to avoid scams. The school should be accredited with a history of students successfully passing their real estate licensing examinations. When looking for real estate preparation courses, choose CES Real Estate School in California.


CES Real Estate School has affordable online real estate courses that can be done 100 percent online. The online format allows you to complete lessons within a self-paced timeframe. For instance, if you work a traditional 9 to 5 weekday schedule, course requirements can be done in the evenings and on weekends. You may only have time to take a lesson or two per week or you may be able to complete multiple lessons in a single sitting.


The affordable online real estate courses from CES Real Estate School are available in an all-inclusive low-cost package. Enrollees are given access to courses delivered in an on-demand format. Course materials are interactive with engaging lessons to hold your interest. Course materials are also consistently updated to share the latest laws and policies in the industry. Our online courses don’t have any time constraints. You complete each lesson within a timeframe that’s convenient for you. Since the program is self-paced, it means you could also finish at an accelerated rate. Meet the requirements to take the final examination in just a few short weeks. The final allows you to use all the learning materials you accessed during the course. As an open-book final, you will have the tools needed to pass on your first time.


There are three main components of the online real estate preparation course from CES Real Estate School. The class includes Real Estate Practices, Real Estate Principles, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate. Each course consists of 45 credit hours and a review unit.


Keep in mind an online real estate school must meet certain requirements to be accepted by a state’s real estate licensing board. Always check your state’s rules about online real estate classes before enrolling in any type of program. If located in California, CES Real Estate School satisfies the requirements needed to sit for your licensing examination. California requires a real estate preparation course including 135 hours of approved college-level real estate classes. CES Real Estate School has a live and online option that satisfies this need. In addition to an educational mandate, California also asks for all potential real estate agents to submit an exam application. Applicants undergo fingerprinting and background checks before being approved. To pass the California real estate licensing exam, you must score at least a 70 percent.

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