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Real Estate school

Pass The  First Time!

Real Estate Exam 2 Day Crash Course-Live Test Prep

 95% Pass Rate

Sign up for the 2 Day Crash Course and find out exactly what to expect on the real estate exam. This session is packed full of  detailed explanations of real estate terms you'll mostly likely have on the exam. Eliminate all the guessing and confusion on real estate exam questions. We teach you everything you need to know  on how pass the real estate exam the first time.

Classes are offered in  LIVE stream web classroom. which is an easy and convenient way of getting the education you need from anywhere on any device.

Our crash course instructors have over 20 years of experience teaching DRE crash courses. 95% of students pass their State Exams on the first try. Our live crash course works for both the broker and sales agent exam.

What to Expect:

-Learn How to interpret tricky questions on exam

-Gain a better understanding of terms that are most popular on the test

-Receive helpful study supplements with key terms and definitions most used on the exam

-Valuable  test taking tips

Why should you take our LIVE Exam Prep over online versions?

It's LIVE!

You are not just reading or watching a video. Interact with your instructor and class attendees.

Instructor Engagement!

 You are engaged with an instructor who has the ability to give, receive and discuss information in real-time.

Questions and Answers!

You are also connected with other attending students and can hear answers to questions you never thought to ask.

  • Up-to-date with the newest questions

  • Repeat the Course Until you Pass the Exam at NO Additional Cost

Crash Course Schedule

Every Saturday and Sunday from 7am-10am

No upcoming events at the moment

$149 Package Includes:

  • 6 hours of  Live Instruction 

  • High Pass Rate 95%

  • Live Instructor. Not a Video

  • Learn 7 Key Areas tested on State Exam

  • Free Exam Prep Booklet with

  • Free Sample Test With 100 Questions and Answers

  • Classes Every Saturday and Sunday 7am-10am

  • Repeat the course until you pass!!

  • Live Interaction with Instructor

Purchase Real Estate Electronic Practice Test $59.00 (Recommended)

Rent on Demand Crash Course Video (5 Days) $80 

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Instructed by Michelle Ridge

Experienced Regional Vice President with a demonstrated history of working in the real estate industry. Skilled in building and expanding the real estate footprint in a market through training, support and experience. Strong trainer with a MA focused in Education from Chapman University. Broker of Record history for California, Nevada and Colorado.


We take each section of the Real Estate Exam and break it down into knowledge areas so that you can have an in-depth understanding of the of terms, laws and regulations for the CA Real Estate License.
Our inside knowledge of what's covered, combined with our easy to learn exam mastery methods, ensure you are fully prepared

Area 1 – Property Ownership and Land Use Controls and Regulations
Approximately 15% of sales exam

Area 2 – Laws of Agency and Fiduciary Duties
Approximately 17% of sales exam

Area 3 – Market Valuation and Financial Analysis
Approximately 14% of sales exam

Area 4 – Financing
Approximately 9% of sales exam

Area 5 – Transfer of Property
Approximately 8% of sales exam

Area 6 – Practice of Real Estate and Mandated Disclosures
Approximately 25% of sales exam

Area 7 – Contracts

Approximately 12% of sales exam

These materials are continuously updated to provide the most current information. For this reason, we encourage students to wait to enroll in the course the week before  you are scheduled to take state exam.

CES Real Estate School, Inc., abstains from any unauthorized reproduction of any portion of the actual Department of Real Estate licensing examination. Under no circumstance were any materials improperly removed from any actual licensing examination. All instructional materials are written and copyrighted by, and are the property of CES Real Estate School, and are used for the sole purpose of education and training.

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