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Charlotte Saulter has over 20 years experience in the field of real estate.  Her mission for the school is for every one of her students to have a successful career in real estate.  In her classroom you can expect to learn more than what presented in the textbook. Her goal is to prepare you for the exam and what's to be expected once you become licensed.  She takes education to the next level she is a teacher and mentor. Even after you graduate from the school the mentorship doesn't stop. She's  always committed to her students success.

Accelerated Real Estate Agent Licensing Program









This is an accelerated program designed to put students on the fast track to completing the required 135 hrs in 15 weeks and passing the CA Real Estate Exam the first time.

CES Real Estate School is approved by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) to provide you with the three 45-hour courses required for all prospective real estate license holders. These courses include:


  • California Real Estate Principles - 45-hour course

  • California Real Estate Practice - 45-hour course

  • California Legal Aspects of Real Estate - 45-hour course

Each course will be followed by an open book final exam. Once you’ve received your three individual real estate course certifications, you’ll be prepared and ready to take the California Real Estate Licensing Exam

Our live licensing class will help you become more than prepared to easily pass the state exam.

This program has been designed to help students stay on pace to completing the three required pre-licensing

courses  and immediately  pass the state exam  

Class meetings will be held weekly for 15 weeks  in one of  our local real estate school training centers.

At the end of the session you will  be more than prepared to pass the CA real estate exam and have a good understanding of real estate as a career. Our real estate school instructors are licensed are active real estate professionals who not only will be discussing class topics but also we be sharing  their first hand experience in the business.



Who should take this class:

The Live Real Estate Class is recommend for anyone who would like to interact in a study group environment to gain a more in depth understanding of information covered  in the course textbooks. This live real estate class  is very fast paced and designed to help you complete 135 hours of  real estate pre-license courses in a timely manner and be prepared to start a success career in real estate.

Our Instructors Are Here to Give You The Best Educational Experience Possible.

Topics Discussed:

Legal Aspects:

  • Contracts and the correct use of disclosures

  • Preventing legal problems

  • City and Physical Inspections


  • Sellers

  • Buyers

  • Agents

  • Escrows

  • Lenders

  • Termite Inspectors

  • Housing Inspectors

  • Title Officers

  • Attorneys


  • Fulfilling Client Needs

  • Maximizing Property Exposure

  • Obtaining Highest Value

  • Forms and Contracts

  • Property Valuation

  • Sales Negotiations


  • Fulfilling Client Needs

  • Assisting Buyers in Financial Analysis

  • Assessing Neighborhoods

  • Sales Negotiations

  • Clarifying Disclosures

 Building a Business:

  • Understanding the Sales Process

  • Understanding the Client

  • Developing a Client List

  • Advertising


  • Putting the Client First

  • Fiduciary Relationship

  • Exceeding Expectations

  • Complete Transparency

Live Class Refund Policy

Our live class program is not refundable. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend a session you can reschedule to a different time at no charge. You may also transfer the class to someone else as long has class has not started.


Results are not guaranteed and depends on the ability of each student to complete course materials during class period. We do not guarantee  that  with our program students will  automatically pass the real estate exam or become successful real estate agents. We do provide the necessary tools and guidance needed to in order for the above mentioned to be attained. 

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