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Real Estate Test Prep

After completing the required qualification courses you will have a basic understanding of the terminology and subject matter covered on the state exams. However, you must supplement your studying to pass the state exam the first time..


State Exam Preparation

We offer a variety of study tools to help you pass the state exam the first time. These materials are continuously updated to provide the most current information. For this reason, we encourage students to wait to order the practice tests until you are ready to apply for the state exam.

Our Exam Prep Materials  cover the same subjects you will encounter on the state exam:

Area 1 – Property Ownership and Land Use Controls and Regulations
Approximately 15% of sales exam

Area 2 – Laws of Agency and Fiduciary Duties
Approximately 17% of sales exam

Area 3 – Market Valuation and Financial Analysis
Approximately 14% of sales exam

Area 4 – Financing
Approximately 9% of sales exam

Area 5 – Transfer of Property
Approximately 8% of sales exam

Area 6 – Practice of Real Estate and Mandated Disclosures
Approximately 25% of sales exam

Area 7 – Contracts

Approximately 12% of sales exam

Final Briefing Exams Online

  • Custom Interactive Practice Exams

  • Instant Grading with Explained Answers

  • Track Your Scores by Category

Topics Match State Exam:

 Property Ownership, Laws of Agency, Valuation/Market Analysis, Financing, Transfer of Property, Practice/Disclosures, Contracts  



Calfornia Real Estate Exam
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