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CES Real Estate School Tuition Payment Plan

If you've thought about getting your real estate license, but didn't know if you could afford it, then the CES Real Estate School Tuition Assistance program may be just the benefit you need.

To help ease the burden of paying for your real estate estate license courses we offer you the option of a monthly payment plan to pay for your real estate education

The convenient, manageable payment solutions offered by CES Real Estate School allows you to pay tuition in monthly installments, rather than one lump sum and offer:

  • More Time to Pay—Make tuition more manageable by paying in 1 installment every 3 weeks.

  • Avoid High Interest Rates—Unlike traditional loans, Tuition Payment Plans only charge a small fee at enrollment.

  • Convenience—Enroll, manage your account and make payments all online,

Enroll in a real estate course
CES Real Estate School. Get Your Real Estate License

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