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Accelerated Real Estate Agent Licensing Program
Live Interactive Class Schedule

Get On the Fastrak to Your Real Estate Career.

Students Who Graduate from This Program

Successfully Pass the Real Estate Exam the First Time.

It was a great pleasure attending this school. At my age going back to school was scary and I was very nervous. But the teacher Ms Charlotte made the class interesting and fun. Ms Charlotte was relatable and approachable. She gave us the tools we need to help us succeed. It was a great learning experience.-Connie M



Cost per course is $250 which includes training, textbook and certificate. 

California Real Estate Principles Course 45hrs

Saturday Morning 8am-11am  

Class Dates  May 15th-June 26th

Instructor M.Ridge

Registration Deadline April 25th

Tuesday/Thursday Morning 8am-10am 

Class Dates  April 20th-May 13th

Instructor K.Danner

Registration Deadline April 14th

Tuesday/Thursday Evening Evening 6pm-8pm  

Class Dates  May 18th-June 22nd

Instructor C. Patton

Registration Deadline May 1st

California Real Estate Practice Course 45hrs

Saturday Morning 8am-11am  

Class Dates  Jul 9th-Jul 30th

Instructor M.Ridge

Registration Deadline June 25th

Tuesday /Thursday Morning 8am-10am   

Class Dates  April 13th-May 4th

Instructor C. Saulter

Registration Deadline April 5th

Monday/Weds Evening 6pm-8pm  

Class Dates  April 12th-May 3rd

Instructor M. Ridge

Registration Deadline March 31st

California Real Estate Law  Course 45hrs

Tues/Thurs  Morning 8am-10am  

Class Dates May 18th-June 22nd

(Instructor C. Saulter)

Registration Deadline April 20th

Monday/Wednesday Evening  6pm-8pm  

Class Dates  May 10th-June 21st

Instructor Charlotte Saulter

Registration Deadline April 30th

Saturday Morning 8am-11am  

Class Dates  Aug 20th-Sept 17th

Instructor M.Ridge

Registration Deadline July 25th

Spanish Classes

Todas las clases se impartirán en inglés, pero se explicarán en español para que comprenda mejor los términos. El examen de bienes raíces está en inglés, por lo que es importante que comprenda las preguntas del examen. Todos los libros de texto y las tareas serán en inglés. El instructor estará disponible para que usted haga preguntas sobre el material del curso y le brinde orientación.

California Real Estate Principles Course 45hrs

Saturday Morning 8am-11am  

Class Dates  April 24th-May 29th

Instructor Martin

Registration Deadline April 10th

California Real Estate Practice Course 45hrs

Saturday Morning 8am-11am  

Class Dates  Jun 5th-Jun 26th

Instructor Martin

Registration Deadline May 25th

California Real Estate Law  Course 45hrs

Saturday Morning 8am-11am  

Class Dates July 10th-Aug 21st

Instructor Martin

Registration Deadline Jun 20th


At least 90% Class attendance  is required to receive full credit hours


Students will be responsible for completing all required class assignments and achieve at least a 60% passing score on final exam in order to receive a certificate of completion. We will only be discussing related topics that are covered in your textbooks.

If at the end of the class  you have not finished  you will have 1 year to complete to complete the course.  You must repeat the class until a passing score is achieved. There is no additional cost to repeat the class.


Results are not guaranteed and depends on the ability of each student to complete course materials during class period. We do not guarantee  that  with our program students will  automatically pass the real estate exam or become successful real estate agents. We do provide the necessary tools and guidance needed to in order for the above mentioned to be attained. 

Live Class Refund Policy

Our live class program is not refundable. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend a session you can reschedule to a different time at no charge. You may also transfer the class to someone else as long has class has not started.

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Approved by the California Department of Real Estate for both Salesperson and Broker pre-license education requirements
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