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Affordable Real Estate Classes

Affordable Real Estate Classes In Person and Online

Student debt is a serious issue in our country. Millions of college students graduate school owing exorbitant amounts of money to lenders. Affordable real estate classes at CES Real Estate School allow you to advance your career without falling into serious debt.


Our affordable real estate classes can be finished without ever leaving your home. With multiple learning options, you can enroll in a self-study or online prep course. The class includes three courses required to qualify for the California real estate licensing exam: Real Estate Principles, Real Estate Practices, and Legal Aspects of Real Estate. Each course is 45 credits and includes study materials, practice tests, and an online on demand library of content. Everything you need to know to pass your real estate licensing exam on the first try will be at your fingertips.


Self study and online real estate classes are a very economical choice for prospective agents. Since the program is self-paced, there is no need to stop working and continuing to bring in a paycheck. Plus, you won’t need to pay any commuting costs associated with attending in person real estate classes. Finally, textbooks are available for purchase from our school, but not necessary since material is available for download online.


In person real estate classes are just as cost effective at CES Real Estate School. After paying one low-cost fee, your tuition covers live study sessions, online course access, textbook materials, and testing fees. In person real estate classes are located throughout the Richmond, California area at convenient times. Accelerated course delivery is available for the 135-credit licensing preparation class. Licensing requirements are done in just 10 weeks with weekly class sessions.


If you have any questions about California licensing requirements or our available real estate training options, contact us today by phone or email.

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